Building de-coupled applications with VueJS and Drupal 8

November 20, 2015

With the launch of Drupal 8, core is now packed with REST support, straight out of the box. This is incredibly exciting, not only because we are able to de-couple our applications with relative ease, but it proves that Drupal and the web industry is moving in the same direction.

With each day, we see new web-enabled devices available in the market, whether this be something you wear on your wrist, something that fits in your pocket or even a digital display on your kitchen appliance. Now, with 8.0 released, we may well see Drupal powering the content behind some of these devices.

It’s never been a better time to start understanding how Drupal’s data can be exposed and pushed to different platforms. You can find the slides and source code for my session “Using VueJS in front of Drupal 8” that I presented at Drupal Camp Scotland and GlasgowPHP here: